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2010 Speakers

Jon Landau, Producer of the Academy Award®-winning feature film Avatar
     Paul W.S. Anderson, Writer, Director, Producer of Resident Evil Franchise, AVP, Event Horizon
     Phil Eisler, General Manager of 3D Vision, NVIDIA
     Josh Greer, President & Co- Founder, RealD

     Ari Arad, Producer, Arad Productions (Lost Planet)
     Lorne Lanning, "co-Founder Oddworld Inhabitants - Chief Creative Officer Oddmobb Inc
     Dave Perry, President, Gaikai
     Alan Price, Studio Chief Technology Officer, Electronic Arts (Canada) Inc. 
     Jesse Stern, Producer, NCIS & Writer, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 
     Joshua Glazer, Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer, Naked Sky Entertainment (Star Trek: DAC)

     Bob Dowling, Co-Producer & Conference Chairman, 3D Gaming Summit
     John Gaudiosi, Senior Content Advisor, 3D Gaming Summit 
     Mike Acton, Engine Director, Insomniac GamesDan Albritton, CEO, Co-Founder, Megaphone
     Craig Allen, CEO of Spark Unlimited (Call of Duty 1,Legendary, Turning Point)
     Alexis Arragon, Product Development Manager,Darkworks
     Adrian Askarieh, Producer, Prime Universe Productions
     Chris Baker, Videogame Editor, Wired Magazine
     Gordon Bellamy, Senior Producer, Emerging Media
     James Bower, President & COO, MasterImage 3D, LLC
     Michael Cai, VP Research, Videogames, Interpret, LLC
     Matt Costello, President and Creative Director, Polar Productions, Ltd.
     Paul Debevec, Associate Director, Graphics Research at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies
     Jonathan Dern, President, Cinedigm Entertainment Group
     Flint Dille, Game Writer and Hollywood Writer
     Andrew Fear, Senior Product Manager, Consumer 3D Products, NVIDIA
     Hill Ferguson, Vice President, Product Management & Marketing, Zong
     Bill Fisher, Developer, 3D Military Simulations, QuickSilver Software
     Luis Giglioti, Creative Director, THQ
     Mike Goslin, VP, Product Development, Hangout Industries
     Sherry Gunther, CEO of MasherMedia
     Zach Hamm, Director, Visual Computing Strategic Planning INTEL CORPORATION
     Scott Hettrick, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, 3DHollywood.net
     Yoni Koenig, Chief Scientist, StudioGPU
     Richard LaBerge, EVP & CMO, SENSIO Technologies, Inc.
     Reuben Langdon, Actor/Producer, Just Cause Productions, Inc.
     Brian Leake, VP of Technology, Disney Interactive Studios
     Mark Long, Zombie Studios (game and movie production)
     Chris Marlowe, Moderator, Editorial Director, DeMarco Media Group
     Michelle Martell, COO, Cinedigm Entertainment Group
     Dave Naranjo, Director of Product Development, Mitsubishi
     Andrew Oliver, CTO & Co-Founder, Blitz Games Studios
     Michael Pachter, Videogame Analyst, Wedbush Morgan Securities
     Dr. Jon Peddie, President, Jon Peddie Research
     Alex Pham, Videogame Reporter, Los Angeles Times
     Gerke Max Preussner, Technical Director, Virtual Heroes
     Kevin Ray, CTO, Majesco Entertainment
     Ashu Rege, Senior Director, Content and Technology, NVIDIA
     Mark Rein, Vice President, Epic Games
     Matty Rich, Hollywood 3D Director and Game Creator
     Kris Roberts, Senior Game Designer, Rockstar San Diego
     Neil Schneider, President, S3DGA & Meant to be Seen
     Mike Schramm, Contributing Editor, Joystiq
     Ethan Schur, CMO, TDVision Systems Inc, 3D@Home Promotional Chair
     Greg Spence, Lead Programmer, EverQuest II, Sony Online Entertainment
     Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer and Vice-President of Strategic Planning & Business Development,
Capcom Entertainment
     Deborah Todd, Game Designer-Writer, Author Game Design: From Blue Sky to Green Light
     Frank Vitz, Senior Art Director, Electronic Arts
     Josh Wexler, President, Threshold Animation Studios

Click Here for a PDF of the Conference Agenda

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