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2010 Program

While the term "convergence" has been tossed about since the early days of the console videogame market, today 
there are unique synergies on-going between videogame companies and Hollywood film and television studios. With 
Avatar reaching over 1 billion in box office sales and - as Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 recently reported 
earnings of $550 million in its first five days, it is clear that product with compelling content is in demand by consumers. 
This conference will explorehow videogames, aided by new technologies like stereoscopic 3D and augmented reality, 
are bridging the gap between interactive and linear entertainment.

3D Gaming Summit® 2010 Conference Agenda

(please note speakers and times subject to change)

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010 - 8:30am - 6:30pm

8:30 am Opening Remarks - Bob Dowling, Co-Producer & Conference Chairman, 3D Gaming Summit

8:40 am Opening Day Keynote - Phil Eisler, General Manager of 3D Vision, NVIDIA
Hollywood has sold us on 3D - 3D Gaming is Even Better! Hollywood is getting record ticket prices, revenues and profits from 3D movies and therefore the majority of new science fiction, computer generated and action movies are now being produced in 3D.  Computer games in 3D are by far a better experience, so why is the computer gaming industry behind on enabling 3D stereo?  Now that gamers are getting a taste of 3D, they will come to expect more of it, and it will become a must have feature of all successful new games.  Through a combination of the latest developments in hardware and stereoscopic 3D APIs, it is now easier for developers to turn all video games into amazing 3D experiences.  Phil will address the latest methods for stereoscopic 3D game development and showcase some of the best new games developed for stereoscopic 3D.  Let's work together to show gamers the future in 3D.

9:20 am 3D State of Union: Are Consumers Ready?
Michael Cai, VP Research, Videogames, Interpret, LLC unveils recent findings on 3D Gaming and consumer interest

9:55 am Panel Session: The First Step - A look at the first games that have incorporated 3D Technology
A look at the first games that have incorporated 3D - While stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) movies have broken box office records and drawn unparallelled media attention, many see gaming as the driver for 3D in the home. Is the ecosystem in place to do this successfully? Game developers will talk about their experiences with 3D technology,the infrastructure needed to be get to the next level, and the top motivators that will bring early adopters on board.
Moderator: Neil Schneider, President, S3DGA & Meant to be Seen 
Panelists: Frank Vitz, Senior Art Director, Electronic Arts; Matt Costello, President and Creative Director, Polar Productions, Ltd.; Kris Roberts,
Senior Game Designer Rockstar San Diego; Alexis Arragon, Product Development Manager,Darkworks; Andrew Oliver, CTO & Co-Founder Blitz Games Studios; Joshua Glazer, Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer, Naked Sky Entertainment (Star Trek: DAC)

10:50 am Coffee Break - Sponsored By: Darkworks

11:10 am Panel Session: 3D From Cinema to Games
A panel with creatives from both the film and game world exploring how 3D technology flows from the big screen to game screens
Moderator: Chris Marlowe, Moderator, Editorial Director, DeMarco Media Group
Panelists: Reuben Langdon, Actor/Producer, Just Cause, Productions, Inc.; Mark Long, Zombie Studios (game and movie production); Adrian Askarieh, Producer, Prime Universe Productions; Flint Dille, Game Writer and Hollywood Writer; Ari Arad,
Producer, Arad Productions (Lost Planet)

12:05 pm Lunch Keynote Interview with Paul W.S. Anderson, Writer, Director, Producer of Resident Evil Franchise, AVP, Event Horizon & Bob Dowling, Co-Producer & Conference Chairman, 3D Gaming Summit

12:40 pm Networking Lunch and Technology Demonstration - Presented By: MASTERIMAGE 3D

2:00 pm Panel Session: 3D Games Play on the Big Screen

With more movie theaters equipped with 3D technology, how companies are taking advantage of the big screen by playing 3D games before movies start
Moderator: Michelle Martell, COO, Cinedigm Entertainment Group
Panelists: Jonathan Dern, President, Cinedigm Entertainment Group; Craig Allen, CEO of Spark Unlimited (Call of Duty 1, Legendary, Turning Point); Dan Albritton,
CEO, Co-Founder, Megaphone

2:55 pm Panel Session: Creating State of the Art 3D Games: Lessons from the Field
3D Vision technology is one of the most exciting developments in the gaming industry in recent times. This panel will feature industry experts from some of the leading game companies in the world discussing the state of the art and the future of gaming in 3D. The panel participants will describe their experience with implementing 3D in their game, the challenges and benefits of providing 3D support in interactive applications such as games, and how 3D technology will impact games in the future. The audience will be provided with 3D glasses and treated to stunning 3D content on the big screen from some of the latest and upcoming games from our panelists.
Moderator: Ashu Rege, Senior Director, Content and Technology, NVIDIA
Panelists: Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer and Vice-President of Strategic Planning & Business Development, Capcom Entertainment; Greg Spence, Lead Programmer, EverQuest II, Sony Online Entertainment; Luis Giglioti, Creative Director, THQ; Mark Rein,
Vice President, Epic Games

4:00 pm Coffee Break - Visit Technology Showcase & 3D Gaming Lounge

4:20 pm Panel Session: The Global 3D Landscape
Videogames, like movies, are a global business. 3D technology is booming around the world. This panel will explore how 3D games are impacting consumers in countries like Korea and the United Kingdom. And, ultimately, how this will impact the U.S.
Moderator: Mike Schramm, Contributing Editor, Joystiq
Panelists: James Bower, President & COO, MasterImage 3D, LLC; Mike Acton, Engine Director, Insomniac Games; Michael Pachter, Videogame Analyst, Wedbush Morgan Securities; Matty Rich, Hollywood 3D Director and Game Creator; Dave Perry, President, Gaikai; Kevin Ray, CTO, Majesco Entertainment

5:15 pm Special Session - Sony's 3D Gameplay
David Coombes, Platform Research Manager, Developer Support, Sony Computer Entertainment America

5:45 pm Evening Networking Reception & Visit the Interactive 3D Gaming Lounge

Thursday, April 22, 2010 - 8:30am - 4:00pm

8:30 am Opening Remarks - Bob Dowling, Co-Producer & Conference Chairman, 3D Gaming Summit

8:40 am Keynote Interview with Jon Landau, Producer of the Academy Award®-winning feature film Avatar and Bob Dowling, Co-Producer & Conference Chairman, 3D Gaming Summit

9:20 am Panel Session: What the Consumer Wants - Recent Findings on 3D Gaming and Consumer Interest
Moderator: Dr. Jon Peddie, President, Jon Peddie Research
Panelists: Andrew Fear, Senior Product Manager, Consumer 3D Products, NVIDIA; Yoni Koenig, Chief Scientist, StudioGPU; Zach Hamm, Director, Visual Computing Strategic Planning, INTEL CORPORATION

10:05 am Coffee Break - Visit Technology Showcase & 3D Gaming Lounge

10:25 am Panel Session: The 3D Living Room- Focusing on the role 3D will pay across gaming, Blu-ray Disc and TV over the next decade
Is 3D the catalyst to transform the living room into a virtual entertainment simulator? Whether to play games, watch television, drive vehicles or compete around the world in a multi player environment, consumers are no longer satisfied with simply watching and listening. They want to "be" the action, get into the role, feel the experience. Migrating from a 2D world to a 3D world is the first step to revolutionize the living room. And, we all know revolutions create new winners and old losers. We will help you get on the right side of the future.
Moderator: Scott Hettrick, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, 3DHollywood.net
Panelists: Brian Leake, VP of Technology, Disney Interactive Studios; Ethan Schur, CMO, TDVision Systems Inc, 3D@Home Promotional Chair; Dave Naranjo, Director of Product Development, Mitsubishi; Richard LaBerge, EVP & CMO, SENSIO Technologies, Inc.; Zach Hamm, Director, Visual Computing Strategic Planning, INTEL CORPORATION

11:15 am Panel Session: Lunch Keynote Session: Josh Greer, President & Co-Founder, RealD

12:15 pm Networking Lunch

1:20 pm Panel Session: What Role will Social Gaming Play with 3D Gaming?
The booming Social games market and the opportunities can take advantage of 3D technology
Moderator: Alex Pham, Videogame Reporter, Los Angeles Times
Panelists: Hill Ferguson, Vice President, Product Management & Marketing, Zong; Mike Goslin, VP, Product Development, Hangout Industries; Sherry Gunther, CEO of MasherMedia; Gordon Bellamy, Senior Producer, Emerging Media; Deborah Todd, Game Designer-Writer, Author Game Design: From Blue Sky to Green Light

2:05 pm Panel Session: 3D Opens New Opportunities in the Serious Games Business
From training U.S. troops virtually to aiding with complex medical operations, 3D technology is helping bolster the burgeoning serious games market
Moderator: Chris Baker, Videogame Editor, Wired Magazine
Panelists: Paul Debevec, Associate Director, Graphics Research at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies; Bill Fisher, Developer, 3D Military Simulations, QuickSilver Software; Gerke Max Preussner,
Technical Director, Virtual Heroes

3:00 pm Featured Session - The Futurists Panel
Leading game creators, publishers, and technology developers will discuss the role videogames will play today and tomorrow in the evolving 3D ecosystem. Games are expected to be a key driver for early adopters as they upgrade from HDTVs to 3D HDTVs and add another dimension to their entertainment consumption.
Moderator: Bob Dowling, Co-Producer & Conference Chairman, 3D Gaming Summit
Panelists: Josh Wexler, President, Threshold Animation Studios; Lorne Lanning, "co-Founder Oddworld Inhabitants - Chief Creative Officer Oddmobb Inc; Alan Price, Studio Chief Technology Officer, Electronic Arts (Canada) Inc.; Jesse Stern, Producer, NCIS & Writer, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2,; James Bower, President & COO, MasterImage 3D, LLC; Ashu Rege, Senior Director, Content and Technology, NVIDIA

4:00 pm Closing Remarks - Bob Dowling, Co-Producer & Conference Chairman, 3D Gaming Summit



Click Here for a PDF of the Conference Agenda

Click Here for a list of Speakers

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